C3 News: Possible Pregnancy for Charlotte

Charlotte Casiraghi (26) was spotted yesterday at the Nice airport with more than luggage in tow. As she undressed for security, what appears to be a sizeable baby bump was revealed. It also looks as if she had a little trouble buttoning her blazer back up afterwards. This could very well be the reason Charlotte has skipped the last two notable international jumping competitions in London and Cannes. She hasn’t competed since mid-April and many were speculating about a possible injury or fatigue. But in light of these photos, it seems there may be a much happier reason for the hiatus. The Global Champions Tour will be in Monte Carlo in two weeks and Charlotte’s absence could serve as an unofficial confirmation to the rumors.

Charlotte has been in a serious relationship with French-Moroccan actor Gad Elmaleh (41) for a year and a half. The couple attended the Bal de la Rose together in March and looked blissfully happy together. It was their first official outing in the spotlight. Many have observed a marked change in Charlotte’s personality since dating Gad. She appears to be more comfortable with public attention and “coming out of her shell”. This positive development alone curries favor and support for the relationship.

If this speculation proves to be true, it will be Princess Caroline’s second grandchild in less than a year. Charlotte’s brother Andrea (29) and his fiancee welcomed a son this past March. It would also be Elmaleh’s second child, as he has an 11-year-old son from a previous relationship.

5 thoughts on “C3 News: Possible Pregnancy for Charlotte

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  3. Quel gentleman il fait ce saltimbanque!!! On lui a probablement refusé la main de Charlotte, alors pour s’assurer un avenir au sein de la famille princière, il aura sut convaincre sa copine, sa cadette de 20 ans ou presque de lui faire un enfant, ce qui n’est pas difficile pour un homme qui a “bourlingué”

    • Nous ne savons pas ses motivations. Si elle est enceinte, elle peut avoir été prévu par les deux. Ils semblent très heureux ensemble, donc c’est peut-être quelque chose qu’ils veulent tous les deux. De toute façon, c’est un bébé et c’est quelque chose pour être heureux!
      Pardonnez mon français. Je suis Américain :)

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